Meet Our Team

We are more than just the people who make the product. We are the source of creativity that drives new inventions. It is not our goal to be famous through our Products. We are about novel concepts of communication.
Alexander Heinzler
Alexander HeinzlerCEO

Business economist, large consumer of literature, design fanatic and energy package; initiator and creative soul of Hello Mirrors; worked for Apple and Tesla in sales and marketing; stands for unexpected and surprising communication.

Yana Hryhorchyk

Fashion Enthusiastin, physics super talent and speaks felt all languages; has constantly new ideas, which do our products good; programs times fast besides - programming language does not matter - and studies physics at the LMU Munich

Oliver Waitz
Oliver WaitzCEO

Graduate computer scientist, musician, lateral thinker and digital explorer; co-founder of several companies; on stage for more than 30 years; has accompanied various projects as interim manager; consultant and coach for people with ideas.

Maurice Teepe

Student for feature film direction at the HFF Munich; passion for making films and telling stories; produces everything that moves at Hello Mirrors

Felix Estelmann

Logistics specialist, optimization artist and doer; is the organizational bank behind Hello Mirrors; manages everything away that is not on the tree with three; dedicated entrepreneur.

Maria Sophia Bayerl
Maria Sophia BayerlTEXT & PR

Writer, Creative, Entrepreneur and One who tries something new; makes a good text out of almost everything; loves the beauty of language.